• EXARTE acrylic sheets are designed for interior, vertical application, however horizontal application can be done at low traffic areas.
  • Cleaning should be done with water and water based mild cleaning agents and wiped with a soti, non-abrasive microfiber fabric.
  • Avoid the use of abrasive liquid cleansers, bleaching compounds or solution.
  • Do not use thinner and alcohol based solvents on the surface of the acrylic laminates for cleaning.
  • Do not place hot cookware directly on the surface of the laminate.
  • Although the polymer is resistant to heat upto 30˚C, prolonged exposure to temperatures
  • above 30˚C may cause damage below the surface thus resulting in an unpleasant stain or patch.
  • Avoid use in areas exposed to intense direct sunlight such as large unshaded windows.
  • In case of big size panels, due to thermal expansion of the material bubble formation is possible. 1mm gap of is advisable to compensate the thermal expansion of the material due to rise in room temperatures.
  • PE protective masking must be removed within 7-10 days atier the application.
Make sure that the surface of the substrate (plywood/mdf/hdf/particle board etc) is clean and dust free as well as oil free.
Apply DEXABOND adhesive evenly on both the substrate and the back of the DEXARTE laminate.
Before pressing the sheet on the substrate give some drying time for the adhesive. It ranges from 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the climatic conditions. Drier the weather lesser is the drying time.
Once pressing is done any possible air pockets need to be removed using soti rollers and moving from the centre towards the edges. This will remove any air bubble between the laminate and the substrate.
Apply uniform weight on the laminated board for 12-18 hours.
Causes Solution
Wrong selections of adhesive Use only DEXABOND ADHESIVE
Moisture content on Substrate/ Atmospheric Humidity Use best quality Calibrated Substrate and make sure it is free of any moisture
Due to thermal Expansion bubbles can form after few weeks of installation. This can be avoided by keeping 1mm expansion gaps between two big size panels.
Lack of Bonding /Curing time Laminated board has to be subjected under even load for at least 12-18 hours after pressing
Causes Solution
Exposure to direct sunlight Avoid application in areas with intense direct sunlight
Reaction of adhesive with chemicals on substrate surface Use best quality calibrated substrate with no chemicals on surface/Clean the surface thoroughly before applying adhesive
Use of adhesive other than olyethylene Vinyl Acetate Co-Polymer. Use only DEXABOND ADHESIVE